Product Owner


Product Owner – new post-graduate programme at the AMU

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Product Owner

An ideal programme for graduates of Humanities & Liberal Arts who want to work in the internet sector
- knowledge of business practitioners and cutting-edge technologies

New programme of studies
The Institute of European Culture in Gniezno, a basic organisational unit with faculty rights within the framework of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, offers an innovative post-graduate programme – oriented towards developing practical skills from professional roles in new technologies and the internet. Students of the Product Owner programme will acquire necessary knowledge to manage product development and build product vision. This is an entirely new role in the job market, for which there is a particular demand among companies functioning at the juncture of modern technologies and business. Graduates of this programme may assume professional roles in e-commerce, IT companies, interactive agencies, start-ups as well as embark on their own enterprise.

Salaried training for the best-performing graduate of our programme
The job market has expressed its appreciation for the programme and its practice-oriented formula. Informatyka Bankowa POLSOFT, a Poznań-based company, has funded a salaried, two-month training for the graduate who completes the programme with the highest grade average in all courses. IB POLSOFT is a specialised IT provider for the banking and insurance sector:
The syllabus
The syllabus comprises a range of carefully selected courses covering numerous areas which ensure a sound foundation for the Product Owner role. The post-graduate programme includes such courses as business analysis, software development methods, online marketing, trends in e-commerce, user experience research (UX), methodology of social research, market analysis, team management, social media communication and others. The syllabus has been devised as a finite array of knowledge which is necessary for a future professional working with modern technologies and business development. The programme will also be attractive for those interested in the traditional approach to the product, i.e. Product and Brand Managers.
Practical dimension of knowledge
The syllabus of the programme has been devised in a way which offers basic knowledge required for the role of Product Owner. This is due to the increasing popularity of the so-called Agile Product Management in Poland, and the resulting demand in the job market. Given such expectations, the AMU launches a new programme which responds to those needs. The unique nature of programme also owes to the emphasis on knowledge conveyed by business practitioners, persons with extensive professional experience who are experts in their respective fields. Such a model of practical knowledge, combined with knowledge from the area of the Humanities, ensuring them a professional start in new technologies and online business.
Opportunities in the job market
A multidisciplinary approach employed in the programme offers a broad spectrum of knowledge, which ensures increased opportunities in the job market. The emphasis on practical knowledge delivered directly by business practitioners, supplemented by theory and development of student's own inventiveness creates necessary conditions for creating start-ups and practical utilisation of skills acquired in the course of studies.