Designing Culture





  • animating tourism
  • promoting cultural heritage

Practical dimension of studying

Designing Culture at the AMU Institute of European Culture in Gniezno is a novel first-cycle (Bachelor) programme, available in full-time or extramural mode, with a decidedly practical profile. Two specialities are offered as part of the programme:

  • animating tourism
  • promoting cultural heritage

 The programme has much to do with regional policies and is delivered in collaboration with regional cultural institutions. We educate professionals who can:


  • organize cultural events and shows
  • manage projects,
  • promote cultural heritage
  • manage cultural institutions.  



A practice-oriented programme

The graduate of Designing Culture programme will obtain a bachelor’s degree and will be able to continue in a master’s programme at the IKE in the field European Communication: Media Studies. The interdisciplinary teaching model will ensure numerous professional opportunities. Our graduate will be able to perform as manager of regional, national and international cultural institutions, become a cultural coordinator, get involved in organisation of cultural life. Their skills will include the ability to take effective action in a regional, multicultural environment.  







Studying is an adventure

Student’s life at IKE is not all about learning in the multimedia rooms and the library, contributing in numerous clubs; it is also about enjoying sports in the very modern sports hall and colourful student parties. A cafeteria and a highly comfortable accommodation are there as well, a few steps away from the Institute’s main building.

A good brand of studies

Designing Culture opens up new prospects of professional career. Our graduates will be promoters of culture and animateurs of tourism; they will acquire qualifications to work in institutions which propagate tourism, culture departments, local administration, social organisations, mass media and advertising agencies. 

Gaining knowledge, competences and skills

Designing Culture is geared towards practical knowledge. By graduation, our student will have acquired professional knowledge which responds to the requirements of the job market; among other things, they will be able to organise a cultural event, prepare a show or mark out a tourist route.

Active forms of education

The knowledge conveyed to our students will concern contemporary culture: how people contribute in its making and how it is managed. Division into groups and the teaching process will ensure the students direct participation in scientific research conducted at the Institute of European Culture. Classes will assume the form of workshops, projects, trainings and historical reenactments, exploratory trips and field research in the country and abroad. IKE students can also take advantage of international and national exchange programmes, such as Erasmus and MOST.

Financial aid and support schemes:

Students at the Institute of European Culture are entitled to financial aid schemes, including:

  • grants
  • special bursaries for the disabled,
  • hardship benefits,
  • accommodation at the Students’ Hall


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