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Ladies and Gentlemen,


not so long ago the world of history lost one of the last century's most outstanding researchers of Roman antiquity, a master of epigraphic studies, prosopography and social history - Géza Alföldy. To us, he has been and will be a model of scholarly diligence and inquisitiveness, freedom and independence in formulating and shaping scientific notions, a paragon of a Scholar. November 2016 will mark the 5th anniversary of his death.



Institute of European Culture at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań has decided to celebrate His memory with a 3-day conference covering the aforementioned fields of scholarly activity. We would like to narrow down the issues and themes addressed during the conference to those areas in which Géza Alföldy won great international recognition and which thanks to him took on a new course:


1. Contemporary epigraphic studies


2. Social history and prosopography


3. Rome and the provinces. State and perspectives of research


4. The Roman military. State and perspectives of research


5. Roman historiography. Research perspective

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